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Waste = Energy

We can make you turn organic waste into energy, lessening the importance of fossil fuels


We are experts in gasification & pyrolisis technologies, and we will provide you a feasibility study that is not geared toward any brand


You can make good use of our expertise, we have been in the business for over 25 years!

AES gmbh is a division of NCA (
We have been undertaking independent feasibility studies and writing advanced business plans since 1989.

We deliver non-biased, independent work studies, feasibility studies and business plans for clients interested in converting municipal, industrial and agricultural waste materials as well as other materials into useful energy.

The disposal of waste materials has, from the earliest civilizations, been a burdensome problem. Today, as urban populations have increased, the problem has become acute. For decades, our only solution has been dumps and landfills, some employing incinerators, composting and many other means, none of which are satisfactory in either the short or long term. These methods of waste disposal are unsanitary, polluting and dangerous.
AES gmbh (W2E) is a consulting and engineering company delivering honest feasibility studies, project designs, manuals, and maintenance protocols that are not beholden or slanted toward any particular manufacturer or technology.
We know that the right kind of system and process for any given community, city or town will vary according to each of their specific requirements, capabilities, needs and expectations.
Every single detail must be taken into careful consideration when planning or suggesting a workable methodology. This is what we do and we do it exceptionally well.
We understand  the waste to energy and waste disposal processes and we carefully factor all the realities into our studies to provide solutions that a truly workable and very effective both in the short and long term.
We welcome you to our website and consider our approach to the problem. If you agree that it makes sense, contact us and let’s work together to bring the best and most cost effective solution possible to your particular waste to energy problem.

Nicolo Cerni
WTE Project Manager

What others say about us

As a manager to our company for four years, Nicolo Cerni has consistently provided the highest calibre of services … from introducing us into the Eastern European Residential, Commercial and Industrial HEVAC markets, linking up with international contracting companies to identifying and evaluating various technologies and market opportunities and facilitating meetings with potential investors…he has also been invaluable as an intermediary in our dealings with academic consultants and business associates …
Mr. Nicolo’ Cerni ‘s efforts on our behalf are characterised by a high degree of professionalism, dependability and efficiency.

As President of Global PV specialists, I am pleased to provide a reference for Nicolo Cerni Associates. I have worked with Mr Cerni as his principal for over three years on various projects ranging from RHS Rice Hull Silicon, Quartz Sand Silicon QSS, Mr Cerni and his company have performed each task in a timely and effective manner, and, in each case, beyond my expectations. The quality of his work and timeliness for which it was delivered has been outstanding, and we continue to work with Mr Cerni for many future projects.

Nico Cerni was able to deploy an impressive dynamism, precision and business growth in such a limited time spell with high quality of service. His acquisition of railway companies as clients was an excellent specimen of fast response and efficient focus in a Hi Tech environment.

We used NCA to provide an understanding of telemetry services in Europe and to negotiate complex transactions for automated meter reading clients. NCA’s particular talents lie in its range of contacts, scope of vision and industry overview….they have provided thoughtful and precise oversight on all projects and their impeccable industry knowledge has been integral to our goals.

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